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Music brings joy to life! Give youth a chance to a good hobby which will still bring joy in adulthood!

The Sound of Music Center – since 1994 in Munkkivuori.

It has been stated that music, as a hobby for children, has a positive impact on both the development of the hearing and motoristic skills emphasises the founder and executive manager Risto Kultala. Playing an instrument exercises our brains and also improves our ability to focus. Everyone knows that music also has to be pleasant, and mastering different instruments can prove to be an endless adventure for both the young and the old.

The Musiikkikoulu Music Center was founded November 1994. Since 2003 Musiikkikoulu Music Center’s kannatusyhdistys ry has been in charge of the activities of Music Center.

The following buses stop near Music Center; 20, 30, 52, 57, 500 and 552

The lessons are taught with a par or alone. The student progresses based on their skills and abilities. After the student has learned the basics of the instrument, the student can direct their learning to either classical or pop/rock music.

To progress in your studies requires diligent home practise. Regular attendance to the lessons is important for improvement. Owning an instrument is necessary.

The student has a possibility of doing soloistic subjects and music theory course examinations in accordance with the Finnish music-learning institution union’s requirements.



In the lessons with a pair, students are of the same level and ability. The duration of the lessons is 30 minutes, price 16,50€/student. Semester fee is 313,50€ and includes 19 lessons. The semester fee is paid in two parts. The first part is 150€ and the second part is the remaining fee.

The duration of the lessons is 30 minutes, the price 26,90€. The semester 511,10€ and includes 19 lessons. The semester fee is paid in two parts. The first part is 250€ and the second part is the remaining fee. Also 45 minutes lessons, price 37,50€.


Another member of the same family of a student at Music Center receives a 10% discount off the semester fee. A third member receives a 20% discount.
Due dates for payment are 31.8.2022 and 31.10.2022. New students also have to pay a registration fee of 10 euros. When more than one member of the same family is taking lessons at the Music Center, the semester fee is divided into three or four fairly equal parts and the final fee is the remaining amount. If payment is late, a note will be sent and the student will be charged 5 euros.

The student confirms their place in the Music Center by paying the first part of the semester fee by the day previously stated.

If a student cancels an instrument or singing lesson two (2) weeks before, the lessons will be rearranged for another time or taken in account when calculating the next fee. Lessons cancelled in short notice cannot be refunded. If a teacher cannot make it to a lesson, a substitute will be provided if possible. If not, the lesson will be rearranged for another time or the student will be refunded.

The semester lasts a total 39 weeks (19 during autumn and 20 during spring). The Music Center does not stop for a fall holiday due to the varying times of school holidays. However, if a teacher decides to have a fall holiday, they will inform the student directly. The ski holiday is week 8, during the spring semester.

Come join us! It is never too late to take up music as a hobby!

Music theory groups on Mondays. We practise the basics of western, tonal, major and minor based music. Included for example are: musical notation, rhythms, intervals, major and minors, scales and chords. Lessons are 45 minutes.

Music Theory basics 1/3
Duration of the course 16 x  + Exam. Course total fee 94€.

Group course absences will not be refunded. Students are required to participate actively in order for the whole group to improve.

POP&JAZZ SINGING (not on Autumn semester)
Learning a good singing technique, voice formation, interpretation and getting to know different techniques and phrasing. This is recommended for ages 12 and older. The lessons last 30 minutes, price 26,90€ or 45 minutes, price 37,50€.